Asacpharma is an internationally renowned Spanish pharmaceutical group dedicated to manufacturing and marketing medicinal drugs. We develop our own proprietary formulations and medications and also manufacture under licence; bacterial vaccines, hyposensitization vaccines for treating allergies; innovative cosmetics and active ingredients of plant origin. We also commercialise healthcare products and dietary supplements.


Our group focus on three main therapeutic areas: musculoskeletal; allergy treatment and immunotherapy; and dermatology and cosmetic science.


Asacpharma was founded in 1969 and has its headquarters in Alicante (Spain).


We have five manufacturing plants: two in Alicante, one in Murcia, one in Casablanca (Morocco) and one in Sao Paulo (Brazil). We also have representative offices in Madrid and the main Latin American capitals.


With a consolidated workforce of around 400 employees, Asacpharma distributes its products in 40 countries via seven subsidiaries and a global distribution network.


Specifically, Asacpharma has six active companies of its own in Latin America (in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala and Paraguay) and one in North Africa, in Morocco. Our work on the foreign market was distinguished with the Nova Prize in 1998.


Over one million patients per year benefit from our treatments as we aim to improve people's quality of life.


Asacpharma has pioneered medicinal plant research via the IBEROEKA 003 R&D Project: "Screening and isolation of pharmacologically active substances in Ibero-American plants".


The group's research goals in recent years have led us to complete several R&D projects.


Asacpharma is also part of BIOVAL, in the Region of Valencia.





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