We are a dynamic company that is able to make the most of any product we acquire.


We boast a consolidated, specialised sales force, aimed at specialists, comprising around 120 sales representatives, of which 60 are in Spain, 35 in Morocco and 25 in Latin America.


We have extensive knowledge of the Spanish, Moroccan and Latin American markets.


Full cover by specialists in each of the countries where we are present.


Our sales trips target specialists (Orthopaedic specialists, Rheumatologists, Pain Management Units, Allergists, ENT Doctors, Pneumologists and Dermatologists).


We have long experience in institutional relations in each of our spheres.


Our company is oriented toward differentiating products and not focused on pure generics. Our exports give us an important presence in more than 30 countries.


We are a platform for our subsidiary in Morocco (Iberma) to use for doing business with third party international companies.


We also boast a plant for extracting plant ingredients in Murcia, where we develop and manufacture exclusive extracts for third parties, in accordance with clients' needs. The plant is an integral solid-liquid and liquid-liquid extraction unit, totally ecological, with a complete, closed circuit design. We do not release toxic elements into the environment.


Asacpharma aims to continue to grow and gain a position on the market. Our strategy is based on:


▪ Actively seeking new in-licensing opportunities in Spain, Morocco and Latin America, on an exclusive or semi-exclusive basis. This implies that Asacpharma systematically attends major national and international Business Development events.


▪ Establishing collaboration in R&D projects with companies and/or universities (co-development).


▪ Manufacturing our own personalised bacterial vaccines and immunotherapy.


▪ Out-licensing our own developments.


We focus our efforts on acquiring prescription products, OTCs, and health and diagnosis products.


Our international department is an essential part of Asacpharma's commercial development. We divide our activities into two areas: our company's direct presence via our own subsidiaries and direct exports via our commercial partners.





Traditionally, Asacpharma has always had a broad business vision and a varied portfolio in different areas. However, our current strategy of adaptation to constant changes in the legislation in the countries where we are present, has led Asacpharma to take the path to specialisation. Thus, we focuson three main business units:


▪ Bone and muscle (pain management and Collagen MD products)

▪ Respiratory and allergy (products that are synergetic with our personalised bacterial vaccines and immunotherapy)

▪ Dermocosmetics: CPI and ATACHE.





Dr. Flavia Tamara Hernández Rocamora

Asacpharma Business Development Director

Get in touch with us at: desarrollo.negocio@asac.net






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