Our Paraguayan subsidiary is located in Asunción, the nation’s capital. Our Paraguayan office is the youngest of all. Nevertheless, despite its short history, it has achieved strong placement and endorsement of our products by dermatologists in the region, and has also managed to forge alliances with important laboratories in the sector and reinforce the seal of quality of our brands.
Currently, the subsidiary has all three therapeutic areas of the laboratory, with the respiratory line witnessing great growth and expansion.

Contact information

España 2419, Paseo España
Locales 8 y 9, Asunción - Paraguay
Phone number: +55-11-5579-9622


Dermatological line


Atache’s products have correctly selected and combined ingredients to effectively treat each type of skin. ATACHE is a pioneer in Spain in pure and stable mixtures of Vitamin C and Retinol. You can get more information about the brand on our ATACHE Web


Leaseir is a DIODE laser hair removal device that works at 4Hz at maximum power. With its 20 diode bars and powerful cooling system, it achieves top performance and safety in each session and in all phototypes. Leaseir offers a device of incomparable performance. You can get more information about the brand on our LEASEIR Web


CPI is an excellent adjuvant in many skin conditions. It has a wide range of specific products to treat the symptoms generated by certain skin diseases or prevent them altogether.

Respiratory Line


Sublingual Apither is used to treat allergic illness that occurs with rhinitis, rhinoconjunctivitis and/or seasonal or perennial bronchial asthma produced by inhaled allergens.


The prick test is an "in vivo" diagnostic technique that consists of applying a small amount of allergenic extract to the skin surface and making slight puncture with a short-tip lancet. A positive result confirms the patient's immediate hypersensitivity.